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Many veterans have been frustrated by the difficulty of finding an attorney to help them with their VA disability claims. A law passed in 2007 makes it easier for attorneys to assist veterans and do so earlier in the process. This change permits attorneys to represent veterans prior to a final decision by the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) with some limitations. First, the regional office (RO) must have denied the claim, a notice of disagreement must have been filed (NOD) and the NOD must have been filed on or after June 20, 2007. Claims wherein the NOD was filed prior to June 20, 2007, an attorney cannot be hired until the BVA denies the claim.

Why would you decide to hire a lawyer to help fight for your VA disability claim? Many veterans realize that the system is supposed to be a friendly system, it can often be anything but that. The laws which govern VA compensation and pension claims are extremely complex and are many times difficult to understand. Attorneys go to law school to learn how to read and understand complex laws and regulations. They can use this obtained knowledge to apply the law to the facts of your particular situation and present the best case to help you win. The most important purpose of a lawyer is to develop the evidence you need to win your particular case.

Many times VA disability claims require additional medical information including reports from doctors. A lawyer will help you find evidence the VA could have told you does not exist or was unable to be found. VA Disability Attorneys will also write a letter to your doctor or order an independent medical exam, which can be extremely important in winning your case. The VA can be very particular about what information is considered acceptable from a doctor, and often times reports will be discarded if the VA doesn't consider the language accepatable.

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